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Is It Okay To Workout When Sick?

The big questions here is should I work out when im sick? Let me tell you if its just a mild cold or a runny nose then yes its okay to work out. But if you have a fever or stomach ache you should definitely stay in bed and let the body get back to itself.

If your sick its alway better to do cardio as it loosens everything up and causes more circulation. On the other hand weight lifting is not a good choice because not only is your body already worn out and tired from being sick but now lifting weights makes you even more weaker.

Remember to keep the pace of the workout slow and easy nothing too intense. Such as slow to medium pace jogging or brisk walking should do it.

Lastly if you do decide to lift weights try to focus on the technique as you will tend to be sloppy. In order to prevent injuries use lower weights then you normally would do. Most of all stay hydrated especially when your sick drink lots of fluids.

The person you should ask is yourself. How do you feel? If good then go head and do a little bit of exercising. But if you feel like your dieing its probably a good idea to stop the workout and get rest.


Rest, Rehydrate, Refuel

The 3 simple principles of working out, rest, rehydrate and refuel. Why is this so important well because with out it your body would not be able to handle the workout and would give out.

Rest – This goes with our other post about muscle recovery and why thats sooo important. The reason rest it necessary is so the body can regenerate itself and prevent injuries. Also if you dont rest or dont get enough of sleep your not putting 100% into the workout plus your form will be sloppy as well. If you have not yet read the post about muscle recovery you can click on the link to check it out.

Rehydrate – The body is mostly water, I believe its about 60% water. While working out you sweat and start to lose the water. Hence why its important to keep drinking not only during the workout but all the time!! If you get dehydrated you might get muscle cramps, get dizzy and fatigue. Now that will ruin the workout and you dont want that. Always stay hydrated its a good idea to drink through out the day as it takes a while for the body to soak in all the water. Drinking before an exercise will make you uncomfortable as you will feel the water moving in the belly. If anything take sips through out the workout to keep you going and prevent the water in belly affect.

Refuel – This is an easy one, you got to eat to have energy to work out and do other stuff throughout the day. Especially when you workout the intake of proteins needs to be sufficient as the body uses them.  Try to get about 6 small meals a day that contain carbs, proteins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients.

Muscle Recovery Making You Stronger

Muscle Recovery varies depending on the intensity of the workout. Either way muscle recovery plays an important role in the exercise routine.  There are certain factors that determine the Muscle Recovery time, these include: age, stress, diet, experience, sleep.

If your older the muscles will need a longer time to regenerate, its just how it is. Experience ? What I mean by that is if your a consistent work out fanatic your muscles will recover a lot faster then a person who works out occasionally. Sleep will have a big affect on the recovery time so make sure to always get 8 hours of sleep other wise your body is worn out and tired.

Stress is a mental game that can be very dangerous, problems with family or work can influence your workout. Dont get stressed out!! Or have a beer if you do lol just kidding guys drinking is a no no.

Diet, obviously if you eat healthy and get all the minerals, nutrients, carbohydrates ect the body will recover faster then if you were eating junk food all day.

Like mentioned depending on your workout i recommend getting at least a day or two of rest for the muscles. If the workout is intense get about 6 days of rest, that way the muscle has time to fully recover. One way to help the muscles recover is to take ice baths. That helps the joints and muscles to repair faster so the next day your not as sore and will be able to work out again. Another way is to take proteins as they are suppose to help the muscles recover faster.

How ever to help you while working out always drink water before, during and after the workout. It is necessary to stay hydrated because you sweat and lose minerals such as electrolytes. Lastly Rest, if you dont get enough time to relax your muscles wont repair and you will be prone to injuries. Over training is not going to make you stronger and bigger, if anything you will lose muscle because of all the small tears that are never getting repaired. Think twice before you work out, would you rather rest for a day or two and do your routine or workout everyday and get hurt, and have to wait months before exercising again ? Keep that in mind.

Never Skip Another Warm Up Again !!

Warm up, why its soo important ?

The number one reason a warm up is needed is to prevent injuries while working out. Lets take a look at what happens when you warm up. When a warm up takes place your muscles and joints finally get some movement and get warmed up. Think about it all day you do basic things and a good way to prepare the muscles for intense use is to warm them up. How it works is it increases the body’s core temperature causing the muscles and joints to loosen up. But thats not it, the heart rate goes up increasing your blood flow to the muscles allowing oxygen to be circulated faster.  At this point you are less likely to suffer from any injuries while working out.

What should a good warm up consist of ?

A warm up should always include medium to fast pace Cardio to get your heart rate up. Just remember dont make it too intense as its just a warm up, your not trying to sweat like a grizzly bear. A general warm up should be anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes depending on the pace of it. The second part of a warm up involves stretching. Before you get into your workout routine light to moderate stretching is a good idea to fully loosen up all those muscles. As for the joints do a circular rotation for all of them. Some joints would be the shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, ankles and wrists. After this you are ready to work out.

Heres a list of good exercises to do for a warm up

Jumping Jacks
Jump Rope
High Knees
High Jumps

There’s plenty more but these are the ones i use so i thought id share them with everyone. Remember guys never skip a warm up !! I have made a bad mistake of not warming up properly before maxing on bench and now i have to deal with a slight shoulder pain. Even though the pain is light it gets annoying as every time i bench i feel it. Dont be a fool like me, do your warm ups !!

Guaranteed Exercises To Lose Love Handles

I know a lot of people always ask about the love handles and what to do to lose them. Here I have put together a couple exercises that focus primarily on the side ab muscles. Although these exercises will help, they alone will not lose the love handles. In order to fully get rid of them you must incorporate some kind of Cardio into the workout routine. Few examples of Cardio would include walking, jogging, sprinting, biking and more. The big catch here is that you have to be consistent and do it everyday or every other day.  Alright now lets get into the work outs!!

Side Crunch – This is a very common exercise that is used because it works. The side crunch strictly focuses on the Side abs causing them to develop faster.  If you dont know how to do a side crunch check out this link

Side Plank Crunch – I like this one as not only are you just working you side abs but you also have to stabilize your self; because of this the workout is very effective.

Hanging Side Raise – These hanging side raises work extremely well for the obliques/side abs. Make sure to do them slow with good form, try not to swing back and forth to much. Remember slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

Resistance band Side Crunch – Heres a neat workout that gives you a good burn and also stretches your side. While doing these make sure you have enough resistance, if not step farther away to add some more or get a heavier pair of resistance bands. heres another variation of it

Side Bend – Lastly the side bends, as with all the other works outs these also concentrate on the love handles. Whats nice about these is you can use whatever weight suits you and as you progress you can use heavier weight.

Do these 3 times a week that way your muscles get a days rest. To help you lose the love handles try to do some kind of cardio everyday even if its just 15 min its better then nothing. Try to do 3 sets of how ever many reps you can do. I dont believe in reps, you do the exercise until you cant do any more and then you take a break and do it again. Your workout should look similar to this,

Mon,Wed,Fri – side crunch, side plank, hanging raises, resistance band side crunch, and side bends. Do these in order and after your done with the last one is when you take a break and then redo the whole order again. If you cant do 3 sets dont worry try doing 2 sets or even 1. After a while you will get better and progress.

Everyday – Cardio !! Also try to eat healthy.

If you try this combo and you stick with it, you will lose the love handles and you will feel much better and be more confident with yourself. Just answer this, How bad do you want it ?

4 Lifts To Never Leave Out Of Your Workout

These four lifts are the alpha males of all lifts!! Whether your trying to get Swole, Ripped, Lean, Buff, or whatever it is that your going for always include these Lifts. They will help you so much that you will regret it if you dont use them. Trust me I have been Working out for quite some time now and every one always tells me this and I agree with them.

Shall we start ? Yess!

Bench Press – Many people will tell you that its the ultimate lift. Indeed it is !!  Bench Press is sooo important because it works your whole upper body that no other lift can do. Lets take a look at it, while benching your working the chest, shoulders, triceps, forearms and even a bit of biceps. Now I cant think of any other lift that includes all of these muscle groups together. Thats why bench press can not be substituted with any other lift!!

Squat – You will hear about this one a lot as well as its a fantastic exercise. Almost everyone will tell you that this is a must because so many muscle groups are worked at once that its just insane. For the most part squat is focused on your legs right ? Most people would say yes, I disagree. Squat focuses on the whole body, including Legs and the core. Heres a muscle break down to show what muscles work when squatting. Starting from your legs you got calfs, quads, glutes, hamstrings, and the whole core including abs and back. So again Squat is very important even if you dont like it just do itt!

Dead lift – Dead lift is similar to squatting but the muscles work a little bit differently. Same as with squat dead lift works your whole body. Whats unique about this lift is that unlike squat you are putting more strain on your lower back and abs. Because of this you have to be very careful while doing this lift to prevent injury to the lower back. The muscles worked are all which is what makes this truly an amazing lift, its one of my favorites.

Hang Clean – How this lift differs from the others is it requires a full body jolt at once. This lift works on your explosive power and improves your fast twitch muscle fibers making you faster. As with all the other lifts this one also focuses on the whole body movement working all the muscles at once.

By now you should have a good idea of what they all have in common. The reason these lifts are so good is instead of working separate muscles, they work the whole body at once providing you with better results. Enjoy!!