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Normal Pull Ups

This is the best back exercise you will ever come across. Dont let anyone tell you other wise, pull ups are the ultimate workout to develop the back. Lets start of with normal pull ups, what you will need is some kind of a pull up bar or anything that can be used in the same way. The two you may heard of are chin ups and pull ups but the difference is chin ups focus on your biceps and pull ups concentrate on the lats. How do I tell them apart? When doing pull ups the palms face away from you and the grip is wide. For chin ups the palms face in and usually the grip would be more narrow. Many people get those two confused thats why I wanted to clear it up making sure you do the right exercise.

Pull ups are a compound workout because lats are not the only muscles working while performing pull ups. The muscles used to accomplish a pull up are: forearms, biceps, shoulders, lats. To perform a good pull up make sure the grip is shoulder width apart and avoid swinging back and forth. Try to be stiff and straight, do not jerk your legs up to get up there, that is bad form. A good pull up requires you to go slow and all the way down until your arms are straight and then back up. Doing so will get you the best results out of pull ups.

If you cant do even 1 pull up its okay, just keep practicing and you’ll get better.

In this video the lady is doing wide grip pull ups, in order to do normal pull ups just move the grip in a little bit closer.


Top Exercises To Get V Shape Back

The two main muscles in the back are the lats and traps. I will show you the key work outs to develop a big back and get that V shape. The bodyweight back work out consists of pull ups. Just like the push ups there are many variations of pull ups to do. In order to work all the muscles in the back different pull ups such as wide grip, hammer grip and more are incorporated into the exercise.

The back will be split into 2 categories the upper back and the lower back. The reason for that is there are different work outs for each muscle group and I personally like to keep thingsĀ separate so its easy to find. Enough of chit chatting lets begin.