Is It Okay To Workout When Sick?

The big questions here is should I work out when im sick? Let me tell you if its just a mild cold or a runny nose then yes its okay to work out. But if you have a fever or stomach ache you should definitely stay in bed and let the body get back to itself.

If your sick its alway better to do cardio as it loosens everything up and causes more circulation. On the other hand weight lifting is not a good choice because not only is your body already worn out and tired from being sick but now lifting weights makes you even more weaker.

Remember to keep the pace of the workout slow and easy nothing too intense. Such as slow to medium pace jogging or brisk walking should do it.

Lastly if you do decide to lift weights try to focus on the technique as you will tend to be sloppy. In order to prevent injuries use lower weights then you normally would do. Most of all stay hydrated especially when your sick drink lots of fluids.

The person you should ask is yourself. How do you feel? If good then go head and do a little bit of exercising. But if you feel like your dieing its probably a good idea to stop the workout and get rest.


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