Rest, Rehydrate, Refuel

The 3 simple principles of working out, rest, rehydrate and refuel. Why is this so important well because with out it your body would not be able to handle the workout and would give out.

Rest – This goes with our other post about muscle recovery and why thats sooo important. The reason rest it necessary is so the body can regenerate itself and prevent injuries. Also if you dont rest or dont get enough of sleep your not putting 100% into the workout plus your form will be sloppy as well. If you have not yet read the post about muscle recovery you can click on the link to check it out.

Rehydrate – The body is mostly water, I believe its about 60% water. While working out you sweat and start to lose the water. Hence why its important to keep drinking not only during the workout but all the time!! If you get dehydrated you might get muscle cramps, get dizzy and fatigue. Now that will ruin the workout and you dont want that. Always stay hydrated its a good idea to drink through out the day as it takes a while for the body to soak in all the water. Drinking before an exercise will make you uncomfortable as you will feel the water moving in the belly. If anything take sips through out the workout to keep you going and prevent the water in belly affect.

Refuel – This is an easy one, you got to eat to have energy to work out and do other stuff throughout the day. Especially when you workout the intake of proteins needs to be sufficient as the body uses them.  Try to get about 6 small meals a day that contain carbs, proteins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients.


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