My Personal Goals

I have been thinking lately about goals that I would like to achieve. I know there is a lot people out there that have goals as well and I thought if I post mine up maybe it will help you follow yours. That way if I struggle or if you struggle we can motivate each other. Anyway I hope this helps and encourages everyone to set their own goals and accomplish them. What you will witness here is my journey….

For now I have 3 goals to accomplish.

1) 6 pack abs
2) Get bigger built more mass
3) Planche push up

First goal is to get a six pack, I will constantly post the exercises I do, each one will include the sets and reps. I have decided to do abs at least 3 times a week in order to get my six pack. My deadline is the end of April maybe a little bit past April.

Currently i weight 165 and im about 6 feet tall.  Because I want to built mass, I will also be working out on the side as it will take some time to accumulate the mass. Basically Im concentrating on getting my abs but at the same time im working on gaining more mass. I guess its 2 goals at once.

6 Pack Abs: Date Started 3/23/11         Ends May 1st

Gain more mass: Date started 3/23/11        Mid Point August 23rd           Ends 2012

Pictures coming soon and Wish me Luck !!


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