Muscle Recovery Making You Stronger

Muscle Recovery varies depending on the intensity of the workout. Either way muscle recovery plays an important role in the exercise routine.  There are certain factors that determine the Muscle Recovery time, these include: age, stress, diet, experience, sleep.

If your older the muscles will need a longer time to regenerate, its just how it is. Experience ? What I mean by that is if your a consistent work out fanatic your muscles will recover a lot faster then a person who works out occasionally. Sleep will have a big affect on the recovery time so make sure to always get 8 hours of sleep other wise your body is worn out and tired.

Stress is a mental game that can be very dangerous, problems with family or work can influence your workout. Dont get stressed out!! Or have a beer if you do lol just kidding guys drinking is a no no.

Diet, obviously if you eat healthy and get all the minerals, nutrients, carbohydrates ect the body will recover faster then if you were eating junk food all day.

Like mentioned depending on your workout i recommend getting at least a day or two of rest for the muscles. If the workout is intense get about 6 days of rest, that way the muscle has time to fully recover. One way to help the muscles recover is to take ice baths. That helps the joints and muscles to repair faster so the next day your not as sore and will be able to work out again. Another way is to take proteins as they are suppose to help the muscles recover faster.

How ever to help you while working out always drink water before, during and after the workout. It is necessary to stay hydrated because you sweat and lose minerals such as electrolytes. Lastly Rest, if you dont get enough time to relax your muscles wont repair and you will be prone to injuries. Over training is not going to make you stronger and bigger, if anything you will lose muscle because of all the small tears that are never getting repaired. Think twice before you work out, would you rather rest for a day or two and do your routine or workout everyday and get hurt, and have to wait months before exercising again ? Keep that in mind.


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