Guaranteed Exercises To Lose Love Handles

I know a lot of people always ask about the love handles and what to do to lose them. Here I have put together a couple exercises that focus primarily on the side ab muscles. Although these exercises will help, they alone will not lose the love handles. In order to fully get rid of them you must incorporate some kind of Cardio into the workout routine. Few examples of Cardio would include walking, jogging, sprinting, biking and more. The big catch here is that you have to be consistent and do it everyday or every other day.  Alright now lets get into the work outs!!

Side Crunch – This is a very common exercise that is used because it works. The side crunch strictly focuses on the Side abs causing them to develop faster.  If you dont know how to do a side crunch check out this link

Side Plank Crunch – I like this one as not only are you just working you side abs but you also have to stabilize your self; because of this the workout is very effective.

Hanging Side Raise – These hanging side raises work extremely well for the obliques/side abs. Make sure to do them slow with good form, try not to swing back and forth to much. Remember slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

Resistance band Side Crunch – Heres a neat workout that gives you a good burn and also stretches your side. While doing these make sure you have enough resistance, if not step farther away to add some more or get a heavier pair of resistance bands. heres another variation of it

Side Bend – Lastly the side bends, as with all the other works outs these also concentrate on the love handles. Whats nice about these is you can use whatever weight suits you and as you progress you can use heavier weight.

Do these 3 times a week that way your muscles get a days rest. To help you lose the love handles try to do some kind of cardio everyday even if its just 15 min its better then nothing. Try to do 3 sets of how ever many reps you can do. I dont believe in reps, you do the exercise until you cant do any more and then you take a break and do it again. Your workout should look similar to this,

Mon,Wed,Fri – side crunch, side plank, hanging raises, resistance band side crunch, and side bends. Do these in order and after your done with the last one is when you take a break and then redo the whole order again. If you cant do 3 sets dont worry try doing 2 sets or even 1. After a while you will get better and progress.

Everyday – Cardio !! Also try to eat healthy.

If you try this combo and you stick with it, you will lose the love handles and you will feel much better and be more confident with yourself. Just answer this, How bad do you want it ?


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