Incline/Decline Push Ups

Incline push ups are very good to do when trying to work out the upper chest and shoulders. Because of the Incline you have more weight up front making it a harder push up. To do the Incline push up get in the same position as doing a normal push up. Now find something to put your legs on so they are higher then your head. Make sure your legs are not to high because then your working out your shoulders instead of the chest. There you have it an incline push up!!

Ooo, Since we are already talking about incline push ups i will also show you how a decline push up looks like. As you might think a decline push up is exactly the opposite of an incline one. Instead of your legs being up on something now your front is higher then the legs. This works your lower chest and is easier to do then a normal or incline push up. Simple as that have funn!

Depending on your perception people have different views on which one is Called Incline or Decline. To me its whatever as long as you know that one is where your legs are above the head and the other is when there below the head. Enjoy!


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