4 Lifts To Never Leave Out Of Your Workout

These four lifts are the alpha males of all lifts!! Whether your trying to get Swole, Ripped, Lean, Buff, or whatever it is that your going for always include these Lifts. They will help you so much that you will regret it if you dont use them. Trust me I have been Working out for quite some time now and every one always tells me this and I agree with them.

Shall we start ? Yess!

Bench Press – Many people will tell you that its the ultimate lift. Indeed it is !!  Bench Press is sooo important because it works your whole upper body that no other lift can do. Lets take a look at it, while benching your working the chest, shoulders, triceps, forearms and even a bit of biceps. Now I cant think of any other lift that includes all of these muscle groups together. Thats why bench press can not be substituted with any other lift!!

Squat – You will hear about this one a lot as well as its a fantastic exercise. Almost everyone will tell you that this is a must because so many muscle groups are worked at once that its just insane. For the most part squat is focused on your legs right ? Most people would say yes, I disagree. Squat focuses on the whole body, including Legs and the core. Heres a muscle break down to show what muscles work when squatting. Starting from your legs you got calfs, quads, glutes, hamstrings, and the whole core including abs and back. So again Squat is very important even if you dont like it just do itt!

Dead lift – Dead lift is similar to squatting but the muscles work a little bit differently. Same as with squat dead lift works your whole body. Whats unique about this lift is that unlike squat you are putting more strain on your lower back and abs. Because of this you have to be very careful while doing this lift to prevent injury to the lower back. The muscles worked are all which is what makes this truly an amazing lift, its one of my favorites.

Hang Clean – How this lift differs from the others is it requires a full body jolt at once. This lift works on your explosive power and improves your fast twitch muscle fibers making you faster. As with all the other lifts this one also focuses on the whole body movement working all the muscles at once.

By now you should have a good idea of what they all have in common. The reason these lifts are so good is instead of working separate muscles, they work the whole body at once providing you with better results. Enjoy!!


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