The Best Chest Exercise Of All Time

The First body weight workout I’ll talk about is Chest which works the Pectoral Muscles. In order to work all sides of the Chest, exercises like incline/decline and flat are performed to get the best results. To prevent any injuries make sure you get a good warm up in beforehand.

The bodyweight chest workout includes variations of Push ups to increase the muscular strength/endurance. Push ups are one of the best bodyweight chest exercises to do at home. Although there are a few other exercises such as wide dips the main focus of them are not on the Chest. Instead Wide dips work your triceps more but at the same time the chest is being worked out as the second part.

Anyway for now we will concentrate on push ups as it focuses primarily on the Pecs. If your not familiar with a push up its okay as I will be adding video tutorials on all exercises. I will do these short brief intros for each category to get things going. Okay enough of me talking now lets get started !


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