Normal Push Ups

Like mentioned before there are many different variations of Push Ups, I will cover most of them. To start us off  we will be taking a look at a regular push up.

In this exercise you want the arms to be shoulder width apart. Next lay on your belly and place your arms on the level of where you shoulders are, not behind them because then the triceps are getting over worked. The most important part is to keep your middle (lowerback/core) straight like a plank. To prevent this do not raise your ass to high or arch your back causing a bow looking effect. Try to keep it straight like a board and that way you’ll know that the form is correct. To ensure the proper form your elbows must get down to a 90 degree angle while executing the push up. As for the feet you can either have them together or spread apart it does not matter. Now what about your head, well you can look straight in front of you or look at the ground its up to you.

One thing to remember is push ups work both the chest and triceps muscles. Finally breathing is a crucial step, when exerting force breath out. In push ups when your going up you breath out and while going down breath in. There you have it a normal push up!! Now go on and try it out!!


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