Normal Pull Ups

This is the best back exercise you will ever come across. Dont let anyone tell you other wise, pull ups are the ultimate workout to develop the back. Lets start of with normal pull ups, what you will need is some kind of a pull up bar or anything that can be used in the same way. The two you may heard of are chin ups and pull ups but the difference is chin ups focus on your biceps and pull ups concentrate on the lats. How do I tell them apart? When doing pull ups the palms face away from you and the grip is wide. For chin ups the palms face in and usually the grip would be more narrow. Many people get those two confused thats why I wanted to clear it up making sure you do the right exercise.

Pull ups are a compound workout because lats are not the only muscles working while performing pull ups. The muscles used to accomplish a pull up are: forearms, biceps, shoulders, lats. To perform a good pull up make sure the grip is shoulder width apart and avoid swinging back and forth. Try to be stiff and straight, do not jerk your legs up to get up there, that is bad form. A good pull up requires you to go slow and all the way down until your arms are straight and then back up. Doing so will get you the best results out of pull ups.

If you cant do even 1 pull up its okay, just keep practicing and you’ll get better.

In this video the lady is doing wide grip pull ups, in order to do normal pull ups just move the grip in a little bit closer.


Top Exercises To Get V Shape Back

The two main muscles in the back are the lats and traps. I will show you the key work outs to develop a big back and get that V shape. The bodyweight back work out consists of pull ups. Just like the push ups there are many variations of pull ups to do. In order to work all the muscles in the back different pull ups such as wide grip, hammer grip and more are incorporated into the exercise.

The back will be split into 2 categories the upper back and the lower back. The reason for that is there are different work outs for each muscle group and I personally like to keep things separate so its easy to find. Enough of chit chatting lets begin.

Hip Push Ups

Unlike all the others doing this one give you a nice stretch in the chest and requires a stiff core. You will get a good arm, chest, lower back, and ab work out from this push up. This is also a great exercise to do when trying to get stronger and accomplish the planche push up. While doing these have the arms in tight and close by your hips. The guy in the video explains all the major components so I wont talk no more just relax and enjoy.

Roller Push Ups

For my advanced users out there this is a work out for you. This kind of push up requires more strength to do so I do not recommend this for beginners. Why the push up is tough is because instead of pressing you are now squeezing which is harder. Same as if you do a dumbbell press vs dumbbell fly’s the fly’s are more difficult. Moving on this push up is like a dumbbell fly but instead of lifting the weights your using your bodyweight. When doing this be careful as theres more tension on the shoulders, however if you like a challenge give it a try. Good Luck!!

Is It Okay To Workout When Sick?

The big questions here is should I work out when im sick? Let me tell you if its just a mild cold or a runny nose then yes its okay to work out. But if you have a fever or stomach ache you should definitely stay in bed and let the body get back to itself.

If your sick its alway better to do cardio as it loosens everything up and causes more circulation. On the other hand weight lifting is not a good choice because not only is your body already worn out and tired from being sick but now lifting weights makes you even more weaker.

Remember to keep the pace of the workout slow and easy nothing too intense. Such as slow to medium pace jogging or brisk walking should do it.

Lastly if you do decide to lift weights try to focus on the technique as you will tend to be sloppy. In order to prevent injuries use lower weights then you normally would do. Most of all stay hydrated especially when your sick drink lots of fluids.

The person you should ask is yourself. How do you feel? If good then go head and do a little bit of exercising. But if you feel like your dieing its probably a good idea to stop the workout and get rest.

OffHeight Push Ups

These push ups are a variation of the offset push ups. I am not sure what there called but I call them Offheight push ups, I mean it makes sense. Anyway just like the offset push up this works out the chest differently putting different amount of stress on different parts of the chest. In this case the pec of the arm that is higher gets worked out more. You can get creative and turn this into and explosive power exercise just use your imagination.

Rest, Rehydrate, Refuel

The 3 simple principles of working out, rest, rehydrate and refuel. Why is this so important well because with out it your body would not be able to handle the workout and would give out.

Rest – This goes with our other post about muscle recovery and why thats sooo important. The reason rest it necessary is so the body can regenerate itself and prevent injuries. Also if you dont rest or dont get enough of sleep your not putting 100% into the workout plus your form will be sloppy as well. If you have not yet read the post about muscle recovery you can click on the link to check it out.

Rehydrate – The body is mostly water, I believe its about 60% water. While working out you sweat and start to lose the water. Hence why its important to keep drinking not only during the workout but all the time!! If you get dehydrated you might get muscle cramps, get dizzy and fatigue. Now that will ruin the workout and you dont want that. Always stay hydrated its a good idea to drink through out the day as it takes a while for the body to soak in all the water. Drinking before an exercise will make you uncomfortable as you will feel the water moving in the belly. If anything take sips through out the workout to keep you going and prevent the water in belly affect.

Refuel – This is an easy one, you got to eat to have energy to work out and do other stuff throughout the day. Especially when you workout the intake of proteins needs to be sufficient as the body uses them.  Try to get about 6 small meals a day that contain carbs, proteins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients.

Spiderman Push Ups

The Spiderman push up makes you move your leg to the side off balancing the form. In order to maintain a good form your abdominals and lower back must engage. The off balance causes the whole core to work together and the arms to work slightly more then usually. That is why this variation of the push up is really good to use in a workout.

My Personal Goals

I have been thinking lately about goals that I would like to achieve. I know there is a lot people out there that have goals as well and I thought if I post mine up maybe it will help you follow yours. That way if I struggle or if you struggle we can motivate each other. Anyway I hope this helps and encourages everyone to set their own goals and accomplish them. What you will witness here is my journey….

For now I have 3 goals to accomplish.

1) 6 pack abs
2) Get bigger built more mass
3) Planche push up

First goal is to get a six pack, I will constantly post the exercises I do, each one will include the sets and reps. I have decided to do abs at least 3 times a week in order to get my six pack. My deadline is the end of April maybe a little bit past April.

Currently i weight 165 and im about 6 feet tall.  Because I want to built mass, I will also be working out on the side as it will take some time to accumulate the mass. Basically Im concentrating on getting my abs but at the same time im working on gaining more mass. I guess its 2 goals at once.

6 Pack Abs: Date Started 3/23/11         Ends May 1st

Gain more mass: Date started 3/23/11        Mid Point August 23rd           Ends 2012

Pictures coming soon and Wish me Luck !!

Muscle Recovery Making You Stronger

Muscle Recovery varies depending on the intensity of the workout. Either way muscle recovery plays an important role in the exercise routine.  There are certain factors that determine the Muscle Recovery time, these include: age, stress, diet, experience, sleep.

If your older the muscles will need a longer time to regenerate, its just how it is. Experience ? What I mean by that is if your a consistent work out fanatic your muscles will recover a lot faster then a person who works out occasionally. Sleep will have a big affect on the recovery time so make sure to always get 8 hours of sleep other wise your body is worn out and tired.

Stress is a mental game that can be very dangerous, problems with family or work can influence your workout. Dont get stressed out!! Or have a beer if you do lol just kidding guys drinking is a no no.

Diet, obviously if you eat healthy and get all the minerals, nutrients, carbohydrates ect the body will recover faster then if you were eating junk food all day.

Like mentioned depending on your workout i recommend getting at least a day or two of rest for the muscles. If the workout is intense get about 6 days of rest, that way the muscle has time to fully recover. One way to help the muscles recover is to take ice baths. That helps the joints and muscles to repair faster so the next day your not as sore and will be able to work out again. Another way is to take proteins as they are suppose to help the muscles recover faster.

How ever to help you while working out always drink water before, during and after the workout. It is necessary to stay hydrated because you sweat and lose minerals such as electrolytes. Lastly Rest, if you dont get enough time to relax your muscles wont repair and you will be prone to injuries. Over training is not going to make you stronger and bigger, if anything you will lose muscle because of all the small tears that are never getting repaired. Think twice before you work out, would you rather rest for a day or two and do your routine or workout everyday and get hurt, and have to wait months before exercising again ? Keep that in mind.